70 protestors block McDonald's drive-thru

November 29, 2016
12 News
Bryan West

PHOENIX - Protestors with Lucha and Fight for $15 blocked a McDonald's drive-thru near Bethany Home and 23rd Avenue Tuesday morning.

The block is part of a nationwide demonstration called, "Fight for $15." Tens of thousands of protestors will participate in 130 cities across America. 

The protests will include fast food workers, Uber drivers, childcare employees and airline workers.

The protest comes after an increase to minimum wage passed by Prop 206 in November. The measure increased the amount to $12/hour by 2020. 

Colorado, Maine and Washington also passed similar legislation. 

Organizers protesting said Prop 206 is a great victory, but also a stepping stone. 

Another protest is planned Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. The march will begin at University Park in downtown Phoenix and go to City Hall.

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