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DUES: Full Members - Eligibility for full membership is defined as any agency/association, person, firm, partnership, or corporation that provides and/or coordinates services and/or supports for one or more persons with disabilities that is not owned and operated by a public entity.

(Dues are based on total estimated DES contract funds)

Estimated DES Contract Funds: AAPPD Dues Rate:



AAPPD is 501(c)(4) organization. Dues, contributions, and other assessments paid to this association may be deducted as a business expense, but may NOT be deducted as a charitable contribution; 11.73% of net dues are not deductible in accordance with IRC Section 6033.

Dues are payable prior to the period covered. For example, quarterly dues would be payable prior to 7/1/21, 10/1/21, 1/1/22, and 4/1/22.

AAPPD uses email as the principal means of communicating with members to inform you of our activities and important happenings. By providing fax number(s) and any email addresses associated with your organization, you hereby consent for the organization to receive fax and email communications sent by or on behalf of the Arizona Association of Providers for People with Disabilities (AAPPD).

DUES: Associate Members

An associate member can be any consultant, vendor, law firm, supplier, emeritus, or individual who does not receive contract funds through DES.

An associate member is entitled to all membership benefits in AAPPD except the right to vote.

Associate status is not open to individuals or agencies that provide residential or other support services to people with disabilities that are eligible for full membership in AAPPD





per month for 12 months
two payments on July 1 & Jan 1
per month for 4 quarters
one payment on July 1


Frequently Asked Questions

What is AAPPD?

AAPPD is a 501(c) 4 statewide consortium of providers licensed to deliver services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. For over 35 years, AAPPD has supported and advocated for its 110+ member organizations and the clients they serve. Our members strive to help adults and children with disabilities contribute to and remain a part of their communities.  In addition, member organizations are continually seeking ways to improve programs and services for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Why should I join AAPPD?

For more than three decades, AAPPD has been an active voice at the Arizona Legislature. We lobby on behalf of you and your clients; we keep you informed of important news and other information relating to best practices in our industry. With more than 110 diverse members statewide, we strive to understand each agency’s unique needs. Visit our member benefits page to take a look at a list of reasons to join AAPPD.

How do I join AAPPD?

Please review the membership application form above. Submit the form to start the application process. An AAPPD staff member will follow up with you once the form is submitted.

If you have questions about the membership form, please email AAPPD staff at

Who are AAPPD’s members?

AAPPD members and their staff are passionate about providing the best quality of life possible for their clients. Our membership consists of more than 110 diverse organizations statewide that vary in business structure, budget size, and culture, and all are contracted with DES/DDD to provide services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities.

The AAPPD membership shares a wide range of knowledge that is complemented by the common goal of helping people with disabilities engage and remain in their communities. You can see a full list of AAPPD members on the “our members” page.

How much are annual dues?

Annual dues are based on an organization’s estimated annual DES/DDD contract dollars. Take a look at the membership forum above to get an idea of what your annual AAPPD dues would be. AAPPD does have dues payment plan options, and offers members the ability to pay annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

How is AAPPD funded?

AAPPD is funded through member dues. Take a look at the “our members” page to check out our member organizations.

Who are AAPPD’s Board of Directors and leadership?

Dues paying members of AAPPD are also members of AAPPD’s Board of Directors. Each year, AAPPD members elect an executive committee to help govern the organization. You can view our Board of Directors on the “our members” page and learn more about the AAPPD executive committee on our “leadership” page.

How can I get information and news updates from AAPPD?

Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our email updates to receive news updates and advocacy information from AAPPD.

How can my organization get involved with AAPPD if we do not have a DES contract with the state?

Three are several different options for members of the business community who do not have Department of Economic Security contracts with the state. Those options are summarized below.

1. Associate Membership - Our associate members do not have DES contracts with the state, but still want to attend our monthly meetings and other AAPPD member-only events AND get our membership only communications. The cost of an associate membership is $1,000 annually, and one would fill out the “associate member” section our membership form to get the new member process started.

2. Web Sponsor - Our web sponsorship program is another opportunity for members of the business community. Web sponsors have a number of benefits which can be reviewed on our online application. Web sponsors have the opportunity to showcase their business through useful content provided to AAPPD members through electronic communications and receive an invitation to all AAPPD networking/social mixers.

3. Conference Sponsor - AAPPD's annual conference takes place during the fall each year. Sponsors and vendors have various opportunities to interact with 250+ conference participants from the provider community. For more information on the upcoming annual conference, please email AAPPD staff at

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