Benefits of Membership

Benefit from a Membership with AAPPD

AAPPD supports and advocates for organizations that enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Our members strive to help adults and children with disabilities contribute to and remain a part of their communities.  In addition, member organizations are continually seeking ways to improve programs and services for individuals with disabilities and their families while working with limited resources.

When it comes to advocacy, AAPPD knows a strong, collective voice is the key to progress.

That collective voice matters. What we do matters, and we hope you’ll add your voice to ours.

In addition to becoming an agent for change, our members receive many benefits from their membership with AAPPD. Some examples are below:

  • Direct Line to State and Federal Officials – Our AAPPD staff and Board meets frequently with state and federal officials that serve in a number of government roles, including agency heads and elected officials. For example, our AAPPD officers meet on a monthly basis with officials of the Division of Developmental Disabilities within the Arizona Department of Economic Security to discuss relevant issues and partner to solve problems within the provider community.
  • Advocacy – Our lobbying staff send frequent updates and calls to action throughout each legislative and congressional session. Since the 2010 state budget cuts, AAPPD is responsible for restoring over $100 million in funds to the provider community through state legislative efforts. We provide an environment where our members can learn about the political system, and build ties to strengthen their business and the disabilities community.
  • Support from Peers – AAPPD members frequently comment on how reassured they are because they are able to talk to other service providers about concerns, new rules, best business practices, and more. AAPPD members are supported by a full-time staff that will ensure they become connected to other providers who can assist in times of need.
  • Frequent Information Updates – All members receive frequent emails and weekly updates on current events, new rules, opportunities to provide comment on policy changes at the state and federal level, the Arizona State Legislature, and much more. Our AAPPD staff takes the time to collect and summarize information for us, so that we can stay informed.
  • Variety of ways to get involved – AAPPD members can get involved by joining a number of different issue committees, or by volunteering their time on a specific work or focus group. These groups give members the opportunity to network, and to share their insight with other AAPPD members.
  • WWW.AAPPD.ORG – Our website is the resource for providers in the State of Arizona. Not only are our members included in an interactive provider database, but we also feature a members only section of the site with frequent information updates. Our website also features information for families and non-AAPPD members.

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For more information, please contact AAPPD staff at or 602-510-9373.

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