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What We Do

Internationally, organizations look to us as an example for how persistent successful advocacy efforts can result in a more progressive and client-friendly system that is frequently lauded as the best in the nation. However, we’re still fighting hard for adequate state funding to support this robust and creative system. Quality care cannot exist without sufficient funding, and many lives would be affected if any of our member organizations could no longer sustain their operations.

Advocacy can take many forms – one form, legislative advocacy, doesn’t have to be confusing. Legislative advocacy or lobbying is how AAPPD affects federal and state policy decisions. Simply put, there’s a lot going on right now and AAPPD serves as a watchdog, mentor, networking tool and support network for its members.

Why Should You Engage in Legislative Advocacy?

Advocating for what they believe in comes naturally to many people, but there is also an entire list of good reasons for engaging in legislative advocacy with AAPPD.

  • Legislative action, whether creating a law or appropriating public money, is often the most effective way to support a cause or make the gains you hope for.
  • Sometimes legislative action is your only option. For example, appropriating public money can only be done by legislative bodies at the highest level.
  • Legislative advocacy lends focus to your issue. Advocacy, if done right, motivates a group to unify its message and speak with one voice. It creates a consistent stream of positive publicity that can be used for the common purpose of accomplishing the task at hand.
  • Legislative advocacy often gains you powerful allies. Working with and getting to know lawmakers and familiarizing them with your concerns can make them into advocates for your cause as well. In addition to elected officials, you may find yourself meeting with business leaders, officials of national organizations, and others who can be important to your cause. Establishing personal relationships with a wide network of community leaders gives you credibility with other lawmakers and with the community at large.

How Can You Help

If you’re a provider, when you join AAPPD, you join a strong network of providers and vendors who share common interests and concerns.

If you or your loved one is disabled, we’re here to provide resources to help you navigate the system and learn how you can help us affect policy decisions. We welcome members of the public to sign up for our email list below – we regularly send out news updates and legislative advocacy calls to action. If you would like to learn more about what we’re up to currently or if you would like to engage with us, send an email to info@aappd.org.

What we do matters. We hope that you’ll join us in our efforts to make Arizona the best state in the nation for all disability services.

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