2018 Annual Conference - Speakers


Lunch Session

Enhancing Leadership through Personal Power*

This keynote will provide attendees with the skills needed to enhance their personal power and increase their effectiveness as leaders in building teams, implementing change and resolving conflict. Through short stories and examples, Tom drives home the point that effective leaders are highly sensitive to what they think, say or do with every interaction they have. Tom details the many “looks” of personal power which include demonstrating humor, skills of courtesy, effective listening, positive facial affect and eye contact. He emphasizes that people tend to resist management but are inspired by leadership. The ability of leaders to exercise personal power and minimize the use of positional authority will serve to create unity and solidify collegial relationships.

In this session Tom also discusses the concept of “critical moments” as the foundation for detailing and clarifying the role of a leader. The leader’s response to critical moments is the determinant of the leader’s success. Among the critical moments commonly faced by leaders analyzed in this session are: response to emergency situations, follow-up to staff inquiries, accuracy in submitting forms and documents, being prompt in arriving at scheduled meetings, conducting staff performance evaluations and not allowing their “buttons to be pushed.”

In life there is only one thing that is under our control and that is our behavior. Ultimately it is our behavior that determines our effectiveness as a leader.

*1.5 CEU Hours for DCWs available upon completion of this keynote address

About Thomas E. Pomeranz

Dr. Tom Pomeranz is a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities and is the President and CEO of Universal LifeStiles with offices located in Indianapolis, IN.

Over the last fifty years, Tom has conducted thousands of seminars and programs throughout the United States and Canada. His audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, passion and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.

He is the highly acclaimed creator of Universal Enhancement, which teaches strategies promoting community participation and supporting people to have a quality life and has authored numerous articles in various professional publications and The Principles and Practices of Universal Enhancement. Published by High Tide Press, this book details with humor and compassion the autocratic and clinical restraints of supporting people with developmental disabilities and the alternative “Universal Enhancement” way. Tom has also created a seven-part staff training DVD series The Principles and Practices of Building Community. Co-produced with Tierra Del Sol it covers seven critical topics that provide staff with best practice tools to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Tom received his Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Special Education and a Doctorate in Mental Health Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington IN, followed by post-graduate work from the University of Notre Dame in the area of experimental psychology. He has held a variety of top-level administrative posts in community-based service organizations and three large state-operated facilities. Tom is a Policy Fellow and Visiting Lecturer for Minot State University – North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities, a University Center of Excellence. Tom is a member of the Advisory Board for Medisked, a human services software company, dedicated to improve quality of life, reduce costs, and increase capacity in Human Service and Home Health Care agencies.

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