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One of the best ways to communicate your position on legislation is via the Request to Speak (RTS) system.  RTS comments are transmitted to each legislator and become part of the record for each bill.

Please note that while the name “Request to Speak” suggests otherwise, using the RTS system does not mean you actually have to speak in support or opposition for a bill in committee hearing or attend the hearing (although, you may, if you would like).

The system is designed to collect public input electronically, so that all can provide support or opposition to bills – regardless of whether they are physically at the State Capitol or not.


The RTS system was a paper document system originally created as a way for people to notify a committee chair that they wished to testify at a committee hearing. The original system required an individual to physically attend a committee hearing at the State Capitol and submit a written request to testify. Several years ago, the State Legislature automated the RTS system, ultimately resulting to the platform we use today.

Setting up your account

Online registration now available for new users. HOWEVER, if you are signing up for a new account, you must go to the Capitol or state offices in Tucson in-person to verify your account information.

Here’s how to set up a new account:

Go to

1.         Click “Create An Account;”

2.         Input your information in the required fields;

3.         Submit to create your account;

4.         Save your sign in information for future reference;

5.         Verify your account in person at the Arizona State Capitol or state offices in Tucson.

If you are an AAPPD member and need assistance verifying your new account, please email us at

Have an old or existing account?

If you have an existing RTS account that you set up and used in prior sessions, it should still be active.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, click on the "Sign On" icon in the upper right hand corner of the RTS homepage and then click on "Forgot your password?" under the blue "Sign On" button. Follow the directions given from there.

Using RTS

Once your RTS account has been created and verified at the State Capitol, you can immediately begin using the system. It only takes a few mouse clicks to relay your position on any bill to committee members.

Update your profile information

You can update your personal information on RTS with a profile photo, organization, identify yourself as a registered lobbyist and identify yourself as a registered voter. To update your profile, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your web browser and select “Account Management.” Update the information you wish to change.

Using the system

  1. Sign in using the email address and password associated with your account;
  2. Click on “Request to Speak” and then “New Request” on the left-hand side of your web browser;
  3. Choose the bill you wish to comment on. From there, you may simply indicate that you support, oppose or are neutral about the bill, or you may choose to also leave more detailed comments.

A visual guide for using RTS to can be viewed by clicking here.

For AAPPD Members: As bills relevant to our community are scheduled for committee hearings, AAPPD will notify its members via “Call to Action” emails. Make sure you’re signed up for member email alerts by emailing staff at

Please register today. Signing up is a simple process that will allow you to communicate your position to legislators quickly and easily. It only takes a few clicks of your mouse to make a big difference!

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